Our Health in the Time of Pandemic

Legal Perspectives on Health Protection

Pages: 122
Language: English
Publication date: 22/02/2021
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This is the author’s work featuring legal and jurisprudential trends in protecting the health of the citizens especially in the light of the present medical dilemma brought about by perplexing circumstances that are critical in nature.
Through this work, the author envisions that at least, or in whatever small means, one who reads the selection may have an inkling of what it takes to respond to threats against health and the necessary outcome.Jurisprudence in the Philippine context is a rich source of wisdom, guidelines, precepts and reference which a citizen may avail of in application to his courses of action as well as routine activities making up his daily chores. The provisions of law which govern every individual citizen’s undertaking, his rights and duties, as well as his mode of living, require compliance therewith and should be in accordance with the state enactments.
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The author has done works which include several titles in non-fiction and some in fiction and poetry. He has been engaged in vernacular writing in the Philippines since he was a teen-ager. He is currently working on the translation of his literary works into the English language. He assures his readers, however, of his earnest efforts in seeing to it that nothing is missed in the course of the translation.
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*www.scribd.com/ narmabooks.

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