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Introduction-Be high-flying, Be it high, the other rocks thrown at you will never reach you, Even the clouds can't rain on you to wet your feathers! Because you are flying above the clouds and you will never be overshadowed by anyone, The sky is your
Author preface
I live in a place that has a beautiful, cheerful climate, but lives in a blend of good people away from education. The nights can be diminished by the fears of thieves and assassins, the nights of starry sky but mixed with the sound of fire and the sound of dogs, love can not be found here, everyone hates each other, The farmers here are living their problems and selling their subsistence products, and the farmers have livestock there too. All year olds are lost to their livestock due to being out of town and inaccessible, lacking clean drinking water at 8 months of the year and thereafter being contaminated rainwater, That people here are having trouble getting sick because of the use of such water, her daughter can't get a wedding there , With the slightest mistake that girls from non-consecutive girls can beat, well I'm in such a place called country Afghanistan, province samangan I was born in 2000, I grew up in without any gaps between these people and society. After I was seven years old, I joined the school, and at that juncture my child was full of learning science, I was able to study at a high school, I had a lot of knowledge and interest in football, so for some reason I was born without a reason that I could play soccer and be able to play soccer, but I would still play soccer without having a pitch. Suitable Well, finally, in 2017, I was introduced to the university through the Concourse for the Wade University exam, where I am currently studying, And in the winter of 2018 I decided to write a book titled Letter to Youth My goal in writing this book is that by believing in God, we can handle any problem ourselves.
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