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This is a women Lifestyle Magazine that centers on the strength and value contribution of Women World wide. it brings all the aspects that the world wants to hide about women and also brings to life all the achievements , the fun side of life through read more ...
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This book has full of attitude quotes for love failure .If wants to show off .Don't take it seriously .This book is for entertainment.This book contains only ATTITUDE quotes.This book is written by Vaibhav dadhaniya. read more ...
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Lifestyle, whether apparent or spiritual, is one of those factors! And this is something I am going to focus in this EBook. We will see how lifestyle choices can affect our perception regarding life and how can we envision it for better, so as to mak read more ...
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Boys Are Not Stones II
A collection of poems, essays and short stories based on the discourse revolving the plight and quandary faced by the boy child was first opened for submission to poets and writers around the world last year edited by Jaachi Anyatonwu, Jamiu Ahmed, J read more ...
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These essays explore and elucidate some of the more discrete cultural and psychological features of a truly metropolitan gentleman's or lady's mindset and life style of the third millennium; of a space age transcultural man of our day and age, whose read more ...
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How to be Successful in Life
Fear is the enemy of success. Large rewards only result from taking comparably large risks. If you're ruled by fear, you'll never take enough risks and never achieve success you deserve. A Guide to Conquer Fear (How To Conquer Fear) is here to help read more ...
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Make your own natural, non toxic air fresheners. No more additives and toxic ingredients in your home!!! Some of the recipes in the book: Baked Lemons, Baked Orange Peels, Baking Soda And Essential Oils, Baking Soda And Grapefruit Oil, Cat Litt read more ...
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For Swiss, Austrians & Germans on the west coast
This monthly magazine is published ten times a year (no July/August edition) and is for anyone interested in topics from Austria, Germany & Switzerland in Alberta, BC, Washington, Oregon & California. We include stories about events, people, busin read more ...
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The author was formerly weight and has lost over 80 pounds and successfully kept it off. Sharing motivation and healthy eating tips and exercies suggestions. The guide contains great recipes, some with only 2 ingredients. Also real life motivation to read more ...
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