Fate of Destiny and Destination

Arriving in Life and Home

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Publication date: 06/09/2014
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fate is not destiny but all destinies has fate!
“Destiny is the father of destination; it’s the destinies in us that born our destinations. We can’t have destinies if not the reason of destination and we can’t reach our destination if without our destinies”.
“Man has two main sets of destinations and two destinies: the destination of his destiny and the one of his existence; the destiny of his arrival and the one of his destination or exit”.
“Don’t become landlord to say you had had a mansion because it is a lost home”.
“The path you’re born to is the tack you’re meant to and it leads to the point you’re meant to stop but, if you don’t follow it, no matter how many roundabout it could link to, it can’t link you back to home”
No matter how you become your destiny, don’t allow the destiny of your destination slip off your hand!
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Edward Williams M transcendentally has proved a multi-gifted career of reawakening the giants in men and transmogrifying the misdemeanors and thoughts of them, and bridging the sea between them and their destinies and destinations through his paranormal works. On his multifarious career spells and geared by the name fans calls him “destiny creator”. His other career includes: Fine Artist; Architecture and as an unassuming Evangelist, He’s the founder of Trinitarian Oracle ministries A.K.A Embassy of grace and mercy, which is defined on God the father, the Son, and the Holy spirit. He lives and writes in manila, republic of Philippines, Asia
My interest in inspirational, mysterious, and creative writing started at an early age when I began to walk with the unseen but real voice and spirit. The spirit took hold of all my thoughts to an extent that I can’t stay a whole day or night without some leading mysterious or inspirational quotation from the unseen voice. I had my first paranormal publication on 2007 after my first prophetic and miraculous crusade at Enugu, in Eastern region of Nigeria. My titles are: FATE OF YOUR DESTINATION; FREE WALK IN PROBLEMS; WHEN MEN WERE MAN; DYING IN THE DYING TIME; BACK TO LEGACY; HALF DONE IS NOT A DONE; YOU’RE NOT BEAUTY, IT’S MASCARA; HELLY WEDDED IN HEAVEN etc.
It has been long I’m yearning to take massive victims to the home of peace and abundance in problems without trouble since they that lives in the net of problems have went to the realm of solution in order to know and stop problems yet, were seized, and among them, who went into the cauldron of troubles, couldn’t return.
DO YOU THINK ALL NEW INDIE AUTHORS WORTH READING? Actually, the main condition for reading out an article is if it’s the language people can spell out and comprehend, but, unto writers I quote: “all books come from publishers but, not all books comes from writers; every writer writes with either ink or keyboard but ink or keyboard doesn’t make any a good writer- it’s a program of the spirit and thought to mind and pen, not even for royalty but for mission accomplished”

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