Perfect Love Compatibility

Author: Kenneth Meyer
Pages: 137
Language: English
Publication date: 10/02/2011
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'Perfect Love Compatibility' Will Provide A Step by Step, 'How To' App
People jump from one love relationship to another all the time seeking 'true love' or their 'soul mate' only to be disappointed time after time.

Look at the divorce rate, people are desperate to be loved, no one wants to get their heart broken time after time, no one wants a divorce and the pain, lifelong hurt and trouble divorce can cause for themselves and for their children.

'Perfect Love Compatibility' announces a Little-Known Revolutionary Secret That Will Allow You to Finally Find Perfect Love Compatibility and Really Live!

'Perfect Love Compatibility' uncovers a instinctively imprinted personality truth that resides within all humans and this instinctively imprinted personality truth, this personality secret, is THE KEY....THE SECRET... to all love and relationship compatibility.

Are you tired of spending endless hours looking for true love?
Are you struggling to find your soulmate?
Are you letting loneliness take control of your life?
Are you tired of all the dating games that don't work, the latest dating concept that promises success and love but leaves you seething with frustration and disappointment?
Are you tired of spending endless hours meeting people who are not right for you?
Have you ever wondered why some love relationships are more lasting and permanent than others?
Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have a 'knack' for finding their 'soul mate'?

How would you like to learn a simple formula that I developed from many years of personality type research which can bring to you the perfect love relationship you're looking for and best of all these relationships can last for a lifetime!!??

I'm excited to be able to finally write the eBook and present this secret to you.

For many years I've wanted to get these powerful secrets into a format where I could help as many people as possible to get their hands on them, and now I've finally done it!

This is a closely guarded secret that you must possess if you ever want to find your soul mate, gain all the true love you could ever want or need from any relationship and make every other 'love' finding idea pale by comparison.

This is a complete 'How To Procedure' for generating quality love and relationship compatibility anytime you want!

This is a little know secret that shows you how to effectively communicate with anyone in the most powerful way possible!!
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Career Counselor/Coach, Myers Briggs Practitioner, focused on providing individual and group counseling services. Specializing in using the Myers-Briggs to leverage not only career planning but higher education administration,relationship communication, business communication and management, inter-family communication, athletic coaching, and conflict resolution.

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