Living in Gratitude Mode

Your passport to abundance and well-being

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Publication date: 01/12/2015
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Jeanette Salvatierra shares her own experience with gratitude practices
Gratitude is a powerful practice, which improves the well-being of those who include it into their daily routine. In this simple, motivational and moving work, Jeanette Salvatierra shares her own experience with gratitude practices, as well as the findings she discovered and the tools she has developed, as part of her role as Life Coach. “Living in Gratitude Mode” proposes the adoption of gratitude as a companionship, a tool to strengthen your personality in the pursuing of abundance and well-being. Concretely this book offers: • Scientific evidence and easy to implement tools to increase your optimism, improve self-esteem and happiness using gratitude; • Suggestions on how to use gratitude to win friends, increase your personal and work related “social capital” and strengthen your relationship with your spouse or partner; • Recommendations on how to improve your overall health and longevity by adopting gratitude practices; • Methods and examples on how to overcome sorrow from a gratitude perspective: to accept situations out of our control; • The 3 transformative questions to change difficulties into opportunities; • A singular perspective on how to use gratitude as a passport to achieve abundance and well-being. This book has 3 parts. In the first one, the book includes elements required to understand gratitude benefits. Offers a personalized companionship, with inquire to reflect ons, suggestions for all ages and impactful stories to laugh and learn. In the second part the reader will find a workbook to build his or her own rewarding daily gratitude practice. In the third part it offers a tool to deep the analysis on the reader’s gratitude practice, based on 7 questions that explore physical and also the spiritual implications of gratitude. “Living in Gratitude Mode” is a book that promises inspiration for the road to a happy and fulfilled life.
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Jeanette Salvatierra is a multi-passionate soul that leads by example in the pursuing of a rewarding and fulfilled life, despite difficulties and personal limitations. Born in San Felipe, a small city in Venezuela, she developed a successful career in sales, marketing and business development in the Information Technology market in Latin America. She has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Engineering, a Master’s degree in Marketing, an extensive experience as sales and marketing manager for large US Information Technology Corporations. She left her 20+ years career due to vision lost, transitioning into entrepreneurship focused in health and well-being, which had been a long life passion, pursued by diverse studies, courses and workshops. She graduated from Martha Beck’s Life Coaching Training and started her Coaching practice focused in relationships, career development and coping with disabilities. She is legally blind and lives with her family in Florida USA.

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