Lough Out Loud

Top ten reasons, signs or things why...

Author: Jack Young
Pages: 111
Language: English
Publication date: 27/05/2014
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100 funny and strange Top 10’s lists about every occasion in life.
100 Top Ten Lists.
In this book I will introduce you to 100 funny and strange Top 10’s lists about every occasion in life.
This collection came from a variety of different sources like the Internet, emails I received from friends, things I heard at the local pub, at my hairdresser and other everyday life experiences.
Get ready, since it must be the largest collection of this kind.
Carry these funny writings with you and have a laugh at parties, the bar or at a family get together. Because this is an E-Book version you may take it where ever you go in need for a laugh.
This collection is available for your E-book reader (kindle), your cell phone, tablet or notebook (with the appropriate app).

Table of contents
Top 10 things to do at the mall
Top 10 things to mess with the IRS
Top 10 office rules
Top 10 things I can say now that I lost 'American Idol'
Top 10 things how to annoy your waiter
Top 10 things you need to know to be a nurse
Top 10 reasons you know you've had good sex
Top 10 things to say excuse me, your fly is unzipped
Top 10 cigarette warnings
Top 10 reasons why studying is better than sex
Top 10 slogans for Viagra
Top 10 signs of PMS
Top 10 least popular self-help books
Top 10 things never to say to a cop
Top 10 reasons not to jog
Top 10 things in golf that sound dirty
Top 10 things you wouldn't know without movies
Top 10 T-shirts of the summer
Top 10 signs your online relationship isn't working out
Top 10 reasons for being fired from Toys 'R' Us
Top 10 acronyms least used in personal ads
Top 10 signs your spouse may be having an on-line affair
Top 10 reasons why E-mail is like a penis
Top 10 signs you're being stalked by Martha Stewart
Top 10 reasons why the television is better than the World Wide Web
Top 10 ways to know if you have 'Estrogen issues'
Top 10 things only a woman understands
Top 10 things that piss me off
Top 10 greeting cards you'll most likely never see on a Hallmark
Top 10 signs your family is stressed
Top 10 things you never hear in church
Top 10 TV shows in Iraq
Top 10 signs someone plays too many video games
Top 10 song titles on the Pope's new album
Top 10 bad things about having a summer time share with Darth Vader
Top 10 reasons why trick or treating is better than sex
Top 10 things to say about a Christmas gift you don't like
Top 10 signs that you've had too much of the 90's
Top 10 signs you know you've joined a redneck HMO
Top 10 reasons to go to work naked
Top 10 ways to be an annoying usher
Top 10 things not to say to your new girlfriend's parents
Top 10 things you don't want to hear from your Real Estate agent
Top 10 things that sound dirty in law but aren't
Top 10 list of put downs to men
Top 10 reasons why some men favor handguns over women
Top 10 signs you are addicted to the internet
Top 10 things you don't want to hear during surgery
Top 10 things to describe a stupid person
Top 10 good things about having a stripper as a news anchor
Top 10 questions received by the Toro snow blower hotline
Top 10 Al Roker explanations for why it's so cold
Top 10 reasons George W. Bush wants to put a man on Mars
Top 10 signs your car should be recalled
Top 10 signs that someone is using your e-mail account
Top 10 signs you might be a redneck
Top 10 reasons I'm happy to have been born February 29th
Top 10 good things about winning an Academy award
Top 10 things heard outside the new Mel Gibson movie
Top 10 signs Bush is considering dumping Cheney
Top 10 things about being named George W. Bush
Top 10 signs you should get a divorce
Top 10 changes CBS is making to the Grammys
Top 10 things never before said by a Presidential candidate
Top 10 things you don't want to hear from a guy at Starbucks
Top 10 signs Hillary Clinton wants to be Vice President
Top 10 things you don't want to hear from a guy in a hotel
Top 10 things Governor Schwarzenegger hears in a typical day
Top 10 catch phrases Ryan Seacrest rejected before 'Seacrest Out!'
Top 10 things about being a New York Yankee
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