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In general, the Forex market is comprised of four different groups...
The most influential participants of the market are the
major banks. A few of the largest banks that make up the interbank
market include UBS, Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank,
and Citigroup. In addition, some governments and their central
banks, such as the European Central Bank, the Bank of England,
and the Federal Reserve, are commonly involved in this
group too. The aim of such market players as central banks is
not getting a profit, but adjusting the currency rates, and thus,
the economy of their countries. Very often, central banks make
deals not directly, but through one or more commercial banks,
concealing their activities. In fact, it becomes obvious that these
banks are not ‘’just’’ making deals, but also suggest their own
prices, thus they are very active participants. Active participants
of the market, as usual, make deals up to millions of USD and
do not use margin trading. In Forex, such participants are called
market makers. In addition to active participants, there are passive
ones, which already belong to the second layer.
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