Making Sense of The Genesis Flood

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Publication date: 14/02/2012
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Genesis Flood fact or fiction only you can decide.
This book is written to make sense of the Genesis Flood, in terms of both
biblical and scientific accuracy. Dr Kristina Howells says 'Using the book
called Genesis Flood written by John C Whitcomb and Henry M Morris; I am
not rewriting the work that they have done but reviewing each chapter so
that you can have a fuller understanding of both the scientific and biblical
perspective that the book has to offer from both a philosophical and
theological point of view.'
Genesis 1:1; “First God created the heavens and the earth.”
God has given us the Bible not only to guide our faith but to provide us with
ways to interpret the mysteries of the earth’s origin and destiny.
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I am a published author and poet. I currently live in Calais in France, I am a British expat. I have written non-fiction and fiction works.

My works include:
A Hatter goes Mad
Te Deum
Una voce
Lettre Fatale
Making sense of the Genesis Flood
Making sense of the Life of Christ
Law and Gospel
Les Delices de Calais
Short stories

Since my publishers have gone out of business due to the credit crisis I am now self publishing.

If you wish to contact me please do not hesitate all queries will be answered.

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