Man and The Roasted Birds

The Story of how Man started to Eat Birds as Food

Pages: 38
Language: English
Publication date: 01/01/1983
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The Story of How Birds Became Men’s Meat
There was peace in the beginning between man and the birds. They both lived in the same kingdom. The first election even took place to elect leaders. Man became the overall winner while Hen was chosen as the lieutenant. However, hen became strong, tough and severe. She could not be control again due to absolute authority and acceptance by members of the kingdom. As a result, man became jealous and unhealthy rivalry became. The first of it’s a whole kingdom.
How was the evil hatched? What consequence emerged? What was the sweet discovery? The whole scenario gave birth to the beginning of another tempo. Eventually, there was nothing left to rule because members of the kingdom and all the king’s subjects packed out and fled away. As a result, hunger thought man a bitter lesson, of regrets which eventually resulted in the eating of roasted hen… the start of the eating of birds up till today. More inside for you to discover.
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