Strategies for Managing Change

Author: Martin Zander
Pages: 26
Language: English
Publication date: 30/11/-0001
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Most managers would agree that change has been their central preoccupation as far back as they can remember, and that managing change is the raisan d'etre of management.

But since the late 1990s a new kind of turbulence has increasingly made itself felt. Unlike the earlier changes, which arose out of uncertainties in one's own traditional business, the new turbulence came from unaccustomed and unfamiliar sources; from foreign technologies, from foreign competitors, from governments.

An increasing number of such changes posed major threats or opportunities of the firm's technology, major loss of market share, drastic increase in the cost of doing business, a chance to get a major jump on competitors, or a ground floor entry into a new industry.

The speed with which such threats/opportunities develop has been increasing to a point where the structured processes, which we have been discussing up to now, may no longer be capable of perceiving and responding to them fast enough, before the threat has made a major impact on the firm, or the opportunity has been missed.

Now, we turn our attention to such unfamiliar, momentous and fast changes. The concern of this chapter is to focus on different ways in which firms respond to such changes.

• Responses to Change
• Forecasting and Managing Change
• Using Weak Signals to Manage Change
• Coercive Change Management
• Adaptive Change
• Crisis Management
• Managed Resistance Method
• Comparison of Methods
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