Managing your affairs well!

Author: Funso Longe
Pages: 44
Language: English
ISBN: 9783969319253
Publication date: 18/07/2021
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The book 'Managing your affairs well!' discusses how to use little in terms of cash, efforts and resources to earn much in terms of results, and also how to reduce one's labours drastically while multiplying outputs!
Myth of struggle and hardwork!
It is not true that you need to struggle or work that hard before you make it in life. It is also a myth that you need a well-paying job in order to live fine.

You don't have to work hard all day if you indeed know what you are doing! You don't need to sweat much if you are really proficient with your tools and you're a master at your trade.

If you cannot do little in life yet still achieve (and earn much), it simply means you are doing things wrong, so you should stop!

If you have to wake up early like the rest to go to work from morning till evening, everyday, for any pay that you may be earning- huge with many benefits or compensations, then you are getting things massively wrong.

Much capital is not a necessary requirement for business success either!

You can always use little to earn much; You may not always need much capital in setting up your business.

If its in your areas of strength that you decide to invest in, you may sometimes invest with little or no cash if you are very good along certain lines.

We have equally been made to believe that setting up and running a business is risky (that everything in life is), but what I've discovered is that nothing is risky when you know about it so well.

I have equally seen that there is an easy way to everything in life if only you could just manage to discover it!

These, and many more are the things discussed in the book 'Managing your affairs well!'

Do have a wonderful time reading it!

- Funso Longe
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