Mariage & Prostitution

Author: Louise Legrand
Pages: 185
Language: English
Publication date: 05/09/2020
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“Marriage & Prostitution” dismantles the mechanics of domestic violence, bordering on murder and madness.
“Marriage & Prostitution” dismantles the mechanics of domestic violence, bordering on murder and madness.
Despite the crazy course of their precipitated marriage, Victor and Kwang regained happiness. Nevertheless, their life will be transformed by tragic events.
Naturally curious, Victor continued to delve into his wife's past. Searching to understand his partner's unusual behavior. Something he should overlook by closing his eyes.
He just shouldn't have exposed what lay behind his young wife's innocence.

About the Author:
Louise Legrand was born near Strasbourg in 1965. She began her career as a Psychologist; then as Family Counselor. And from 2015, to this day, she has been interested in writing novels, as new indie author.
Louise's novel presents complex characterizations and in-depth explorations of social issues. This is the result of her training and experience as a family counselor, which contributes to her fascination with relationships of all kinds.
Louise and her husband love to share their time on Asian tours. Currently, they are based in Indonesia where she has published two more novels in French and Indonesian, respectively, “Innocence Cornue” and “Akibat Pengkhianatan Istri”.
Currently, she is working on her next novel, “Character Manipulation Techniques”.
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Louise Legrand est née près de Strasbourg en 1980. Elle commença sa carrière comme psychologue de travail en 2003. De 2003 à 2015, elle travailla comme conseillère familiale. Et de 2015 a ce jour, elle s’intéresse à l’écriture de romans.
Le roman de Louise présente des caractérisations complexes et des explorations approfondies des problèmes sociaux. Ceci est le résultat de sa formation et de son expérience en tant que conseillère familiale, ce qui contribue à sa fascination pour les relations de toutes sortes.
Louise et son mari aiment partager leur temps en tournées asiatiques. Présentement, ils sont installés en Indonésie où elle a publié son roman en anglais et indonésien.
Actuellement, elle travaille sur son prochain roman, « Techniques de Manipulation des Caractère ».

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