Me & You songs lyrics

Author: César Ibáñez
Pages: 35
Language: English
ISBN: 9783966338240
Publication date: 19/09/2019
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All the lyrics of César Ibáñez’s first two EP
César Ibáñez is a new singer who is 15 years and he made some singles and albums, every album has a tour. He is from Spain and his idols are Ariana Grande , Ana Guerra and Meghan Trainor .

He liked music since he was a little kid, he used to sing Paulina Rubio, Shakira and Coti songs. He loved singing so much, when he was a little older with 5 years old or something like that he started playing Fangoria and Marta Sánchez so he started loving them so much. When he had 9 or 10 years he started liking Adele and Amy Winehouse, but later when he was 12 he was in love with Meghan Trainor and when he was 13 he loved Ana Guerra , and actually his idol is Ariana Grande .

He always liked music, so he decided to record an album, he thought everything was going to be so slow, but it went faster than what he thought, later he decided to make some CDs and he made them, for him it was very difficult to upload music to digital platforms, so he decided to upload it on youtube and the first single he uploaded is Chin, people starting making hate and a week after than the 15th March (date when Chin went out) the 22nd March he upload it all his EP Yo . He finally found the way to upload it to digital platform, so that’s what he did, he realase the Bye or Hi single, and then the Tbh album, his single You was out the day of his birthday, and finally 4 days later his You EP was out. Later, in August, he appeared in Lili Lou Single. He did this book with some songs lyrics.
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