Awakening The Third Eye

Author: Ashish Kaushik
Pages: 104
Language: English
Publication date: 28/02/2011
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The most accomplished and empowering manual from the East which has be
. The book has been put together to equip anyone with the innate ability not only to open “The Third Eye” effortlessly BUT also to open “The Seven Major Chakras”.

When it comes to The Third Eye, Kundilini, Astrology, Spiritual Living or any other medium, which helps us to reach, where no one has ever been before, the studies and education from East, especially India, go a long way.

The KEY is the simplicity of the book. Here you will find the step by step guide to master, not just your Third Eye Chakra but all the Seven Major Chakras.

The practices and teachings of this book lead to a happy, healthy and wholesome life.
This Book is one of the most precious gifts from the East to the rest of the world not only because it is filled with dozens of teachings but also most importantly if you wish to experience the Higher Reality then this is “THE BOOK”. It is filled with timeless UNIVERSAL TRUTHS.
The teachings collaborated in this book present a great relationship between Western physics and Hinduism through simple spiritual practices.
Teachings regarding the awakening of The Third Eye, have been kept secret for centuries and in the olden days it was only revealed to the most advanced and initiated students of the Yogis and Gurus. These closely guarded techniques have been shared in this book and the modern world can now benefit from the most simple and effective shared teachings.

The Third Eye is one of the Major Seven Chakras and this book can help you to unlock not one but all Seven Major Chakras.

Our nervous system connects the sensory organs to the brain. The Seven Major Chakras which can also be called the energy centres act like a pump, which direct spiritual energy through this system. Working and unblocking the all major seven chakras means mystical experiences, greater awareness of the psychic world AND a long healthy and happy living. The Seven Chakra system is considered the most important system to work on.

In this book you will find extensive knowledge and the methods to awaken all the Seven Major Chakras instead of just The Third Eye.

Most Third Eye teachings concentrate on only one thing which is “Opening of The Third Eye”.

However, apart from awakening the mystical and psychic abilities there are other factors which are equally important and usually ignored. Blockage of Seven Major Chakras in Human Body could bring a combination of issues as detailed below hence this book concentrates on all the Seven Major Chakras.

The simplicity of the methods has been testified by those who have practiced the methods of this book and confirms that it works.

The beauty of this book is that you do not need any formal spiritual training or background before starting the practice. If you have any previous training or knowledge it is advisable that you temporarily forget all you have learnt so that you can engage in the techniques with a new and fresh awareness.
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