One day they will ask you “Wanna smoke?”

Read it yourself and let your children read it, until it’s too late

Author: Mark Foster
Pages: 12
Language: English
Publication date: 01/12/2015
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What things you should tell your children, to prevent them from smoking
This book answers the following questions:
• What things you should tell your children and how you should do it, to prevent them from smoking
• How you can save your child from nicotine addiction
• What logic, mindset and knowledge should a teenager possess to resist the tension of stereotypes and the society on his own
• What things you should explain to a teenager to discredit the “forbidden fruit” and save him or her from curiosity which will eventually lead to addiction
• How teenager’s indifference to his or her health and future can be overcome and how teenagers can be aimed at a healthy lifestyle without cigarettes

Give your children:
• An insurance against a lot of life issues
• A long healthy life
• A full life without exhausting addictions
• And also the money saved on cigarettes and medicines

Who is this book for?
• For children between 8 and 17 who have not yet tried smoking
And also for their parents who like to take preventive measures in advance

This book will help to
- refuse from an offered cigarette confidently consciously and without regret
- prevent teenagers from getting interested and curious about smoking
- be there to anticipate the “promotion” of smoking which as a rule comes from friends who already smoke
- get a protection from the adverse influence of social stereotypes

• For the children between 8 and 17 who already smoke
And for their parents who realize that they should take urgent but careful and appropriate measures.

This book will help to
- counteract carelessness towards one’s own actions and health
- realize the existing (but usually denied) addiction by understanding the way it is formed
- reconsider smoking
- promote understanding of one’s own actions, realizing the sequences, taking up a healthy lifestyle and being independent of the society where smoking is accepted

The rest is up to a certain person and other factors, however the information received will not let one smoke the way he or she used to

• For the adults who lack motivation and reasons to quit smoking
You will get a strong motivation and convincing reasons to quit smoking.
You will also fully understand and reconsider the processes which go along with smoking which will let you see the things you already got used to from a different angle and make your way towards a healthy lifestyle.
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