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A New Biomechatronic Window To Evaluate And Manage Facial Nerve Pathologies
We had discussed many important aspect of the facial nerve function evaluation. Our evaluation method is non invasive and provide robust method of evaluation. We had developed our own hardware and software to provide nerve stimulator. read more ...
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One Surgeon's Story
He appeared to be an ordinary middle-aged man sitting in the first examination room of my plastic surgery clinic. The baseball cap was the only thing that seemed somehow out of place. I said, “Hello, Mr. Brown, I am Dr. Cronin; what can I do for you? read more ...
21.25 €
Before, during and post surgery
This book gives informations for all the women who had or will be operated for an hysterctomy. The informations are detailed dpeneding on you have already been operated or you are going to be. Then the book gives you how to live well after your o read more ...
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