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A promissing three-step joint global strategy against a mysterious world health threat: the globally diffusing Covid 19 (corona virus)
A new global enemy has appeared on the face of the earth threatening its inhabitants along with all their vital yet vulnerable societal systems worldwide. This analogously requires appropriate measures comparable to those of other global warfare such as the global war on terror or the universal imperatives of climate change management. So far no effective remedy has been found against this invisible and insidious enemy that can strike anyone anywhere at any time unpredictably in the speedily permeable planetary environment. So far only flight and demographic separation responses for maximum human safety and the innocuousness of carriers of the virus have been applied, while the biomedical research laboratories and the global medical and pharmaceutical research infrastructure feverishly work on the development of an effective vaccine against the planetary diffusion of Covid 19. What can be realistically done in the meantime is to put the human terrain of the biological organism in a state that can be thought of as preventative against the infection by the spreading corona virus; a state of enhanced life force activation through the strengthening of the immanent vigor vitae feasible e.g. by way of the stimulation of the extrapyramidal system. These virus avoidance and prevention strategies should be complemented by the design and the universal availability of and anti-corona vaccine. This threefold strategy can be effective in the fight against a new and scientifically mysterious biological enemy of an imperatively solidary mankind.

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A thoroughly multicultural educational background based on leading international centers of learning and research in PARIS - MADRID - LONDON - CAMBRIDGE.
Notably the Sorbonne (UNIV. PARIS I - PANTHÉON and UNIV. PARIS IV) and Cambridge University - among the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. Academic and private sector experience. Language and culture teaching & research. Innovation of the intercultural management paradigm

Bildung in historischen europäischen Hauptstädten mit ältesten und renommiertesten Universitäten der Welt, PARIS I - PANTHÉON und PARIS IV - Sorbonne u. Cambridge; interkontinentale Erfahrung, interkulturelle Management u. Sprachen-Lehre u. Forschung
1. Diplom des Wirtschaftsübersetzers, Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris
2. Spanisch-Sprachzertifikat der Universidad Complutense de Madrid - UCM - und COU am I.E.S. Cardenal Cisneros, Madrid
3. Studium der englischen Sprache und Literatur an Londoner HS (West Lpndon College, University of Westminster)
4. Diplom der Angewandten Fremdsprachen der Universität Paris IV - Sorbonne
5. Absolvierung des Studienzentrums der Europäischen Gemeinschaften - Bereich Wirtschaft,
der Universität Paris I Panthéon - Sorbonne
6. Diplom der Vertiefungsstudien der Internationalen Politik (politische Wissenschaft) der Universität Paris I Panthéon - Sorbonne
7. Graduierung im Bereich Betriebswirtschaft u. Ausbildereignung der IHK Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg
8. Absolvierung des Intercultural Management Program der Universität Cambridge, UK (einschl. HS Zürich u. Rom)

Formé par des universités parmi les plus anciennes et prestigieuses du monde, à savoir la Sorbonne UNIV. PARIS I - PANTHÈON et UNIV. PARIS IV, ainsi que Cambridge/GB

Educado por universidades de las más ancianas y prestigiosas, Sorbonne y Cambridge

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