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ebook- partner massages
Classical massage is the oldest known form of therapy. Contact, especially coming from your partner, can bring the most enjoyable form of relaxation. During this training course you’re going to learn 15 different techniques of you can use to permi read more ...
10.00 €
The Bio-organic Law of Thermodynamics
The Absolute Equation of Philosophy is shown to be also, a novel Bio-organic Law of Thermodynamics, with an inherent connexion to the Gibbs free energy equation of Chemical Thermodynamics. The usefulness of the former to be applied to open bioorganic read more ...
1.18 €
Flaws, Foilbes, Fallacies and the Grave Shortcomings of Pedi
Parents Beware: The most dangerous place for children to visit are not schools or playgrounds but doctor's offices and hospitals. A Board Certified pediatrician with over 15 years of experience exposes the darkest secrets of his profession. Far fr read more ...
3.25 €
Hilarious True-Life Medical Stories
Real life medical drama is OK but it can bring you down… but true stories of emergency medicine that make you laugh out loud are the best! Mike Cyra’s comedic storytelling style of writing is hilarious! “Emergency Laughter” is a collection of his read more ...
2.29 €
Midnful Eating for Health, Vitality and Weight Loss
Zen Anti-Diet is a method for creating a positive relationship with food and eating. It is a response to the needs of a population that is falling prey, at an alarming rate, to weight issues, disease, mental disorders and stress. At a time when the c read more ...
3.83 €
To learn this therapy anti aging, is very important today, every body need to see more beautifull, without sencundary effects, you can to learn it and apply it in ur office, house, and every place that you believe, win more money more that you win. read more ...
10.20 €
. The book has been put together to equip anyone with the innate ability not only to open “The Third Eye” effortlessly BUT also to open “The Seven Major Chakras”. When it comes to The Third Eye, Kundilini, Astrology, Spiritual Living or any other read more ...
7.65 €
Steps to moving forward
Have you ever found yourself saying, “If I could only find a solution to deal with these symptoms from the infirmity in my body, I would have a better chance of fulfilling my heart’s desire”? Have you ever felt that a situation was so deep and har read more ...
1.99 €
This Tract Book Article builds on the work of Dr. Herbert Benson, and presents a Method for Relaxation Meditation. + + + + + + + + + + + + + ++ + + ++ + + ++ + + ++ ++ + + ++ + + + ++ + + + ++ + + + +++ ++++ + ++ + read more ...
5.00 €
Facharbeit | Medizin - Psychiatrie
The paper presents results of a scientific research related to committing suicides. Within the period of time 1998 - 2002, 160 patients were hospitalised at the Neuropsychiatric department of Regional hospital in Zajecar. The data were collected on t read more ...
9.60 €
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