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Doctor's negligence on purpose to my medical care in Taiwan in 2001
Thinking the time on April 11, 2001 when I visited Dr. Tian Tsai Cheng’s (鄭添財) for the first time. It is about to 10 years. If Taiwan law accepts my lawsuit period to those doctors and nurses is 10 years, it will be expiry soon. It seems no chance to find the justice in immorality and neglect human rights as those medical persons have treated to me in medical care over the years.

Revised edition series 2 of “A Virgin Struggle” might only remind of Dr. Tian Tsai Cheng’s (鄭添財) not prescribing drug for improving stiffness or prevention and confuse my thinking of medicine. And then Dr. Yin Chou Chen (陳英州) didn’t prescribe drug and blood test for me while my disease of “Ankylosing Spondylitis” had obviously recurred on October 25, 2001. Their negligence on purpose of medical care to me should be the origin to bring me to lose property, my life and family member, etc.

When can I find the truth and justice for those sufferings I have been treated over the years?
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I, Jenny Yu Chih Chang (張玉治),was born 1951 and graduated from Accounting Department of Soochow University in 1973. The continuous sufferings from local Chus' politicians over the years made me start writing my journals describing my mental journey since 1998 after I lost 3 chief accountant jobs continuously. Life always struggled in losing jobs without reason before these 3 jobs, and suffering from doctors’ and nurses’ negligence on purpose of medical care in Taiwan since 1996, and then lost 2 houses again during 1998 to 2002 besides being forced to lose the houses of Wu Chien Kung in 1991. Life had become no basic money for necessary living for the time. Finally, I found my way to edit my 310 journals into the first book called “A Virgin Struggle” in June 2006 and established “YuChih Publishing Firm” to self-publish.

In 2008, I might be the starter of Taiwan using Lulu POD technology website to self-publish my book "My Struggle (English Version 1)" at


In October of 2009, I increased the registered capital to NT$500,000 for YuChih publishing Firm with the money of early 2 years applying for “Old Age Pay” in June of 2009. I am still the only one to own YuChih publishing Firm. “The story of Chang’s family” “張家祠的故事(中文版)”named by birth place was the first Chinese version book published in June of 2010.

In the 5th year of publishing career, continuing to publish my 85 journals, the 5th book named as “The Story of Chang’s Family (2006-2011 English Version)” (張家祠的故事英文版), or going to accounting job has been a resolution of 2011. Finally, I publish “The Story of Chang’s Family (2006-2011 English Version)” (張家祠的故事英文版) to continue my publishing career. In the meantime, revising the first book “A Virgin Struggle” is also the work of 2011, the original 310 journals and additional 30 journals are going to divide into 3 series books called “A Virgin Struggle (Revised edition series 1-3)” "處女奮鬥錄英文版(修訂再版第1-3集)". It would put more efforts to express my mental journey over the years. It has narrated I have tried my efforts to rescue my life, my family members and etc.

Born in political election loser family might bring some tragedy to me, but it was extremely oppressed by Chus’ politicians. Although I might not have chance to find the truth and justice for those sufferings I have struggled in Taiwan over the years, it has narrated I have to fight for my life. Although I don’t know when I can find my new place to go, there always is a hope someday...........

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