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How to become… a Saint

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Publication date: 10/01/2011
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The story you are about to read is one of a young man who tried his
Saint Johnny Walker’s
“How to… Become a Saint”
Based on a true story

Hi there… I’m Saint Johnny Walker,
(SJW) the author;
And YES, I am a REAL Saint; at least that is what people around my life address me as;
The story in this book is one of a young man, (me) an ordinary person, who knew nothing more than any other person of his age, a young man who in his life knew only how to cook for a living and knew only the odd pint every other day
for his entertainment; but one day, an ordinary day in the middle of November, something out of the ordinary occurred;
And that something turned his life around; he tried his luck in winning a free winter holiday, and of course he
thought his luck had indeed changed
when he was informed of the good news;
Little did he know at the time that
from that day his entire life will
change; little did he know or even
imagine what an adventure was actually
awaited him; little did he know that he
was headed for… “THE” ultimate disaster at first; little did he know he was to go through “hell” and back and not just the once.
I know it’s a bit of a tall order for
anyone to understand straight away, but
reading the story, one would get there;
This is a true story of a young man
who, though not really a religious
person became a Saint;
Yes… “A living Saint” and without 4
realizing it at first, perform
miracles, and in doing so, suffered
enormously physically and mentally
every time; in fact in doing all these
miracles, cost him his life a couple of
times, but he managed to “come back”
and yes, I do explain “how” and of
course, how he got that somewhat famous
This is a story of “Saint Johnny Walker”
Please note: although this is a
true story, the names of people
and locations were changed, to;
Shall we say…?
“Protect the innocent”
Also; I feel I must issue a
In reading this brilliant story, it might have an effect on your character,
it might change the way you think, and
it might change your life;
So, if by any chance you think that the
way you think or the way you live is
indeed perfect, do not buy this book;
Happy reading
Saint Johnny Walker
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