Writing into the light

A NEW DAWN, new hope in beautiful and tranquil “little” NZ

Author: Craig Lock
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Language: English
Publication date: 15/08/2011
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My journey, the writing journey. New life and new hope in 'little' NZ

A TRUE story of renewal and transformation: a transformation of heart. Eternal truths. Hope for a new beginning - one not divided by the past but with hope for the future. In a phrase, A NEW HEART.
And whenever c came to a cross roads in his life about which path to take, he meditated and prayed and followed the voice within, the indwelling Holy Spirit. What would Jesus do (WWJD) in this situation? Then he usually followed, not his mind (logic), but his heart, as well as the highest thought, the highest possible choice. So c chose to write about the road less travelled, the path of the pursuit of PEACE. Through attempting in some small way to break down barriers and divisions between peoples, one mind, one heart, one tiny step at a time.
And every great journey starts with a single small step.

Let the story begin...

'To all of us who believe love rules, stand up and let it shine.'


It was a beautiful spring day in September in the year 1988, the sky overhead a clear blue with not a cloud in sight. Desperately trying to find some answers to what was happening in their life, the middle-aged couple had just come from the neurologist in Perth, Western Australia. Shattered , they walked out of the 2nd floor building back to the bright red new Holden company car parked in busy Mill Point Road overlooking the shimmering Swan river. Feeling so alone in a new country, they felt shattered at hearing the news, not knowing where their lives were headed. Traumatized they didn't know where to turn... or what to do next... just devoid of hope…

* *
And the pretty young mother went for her daily long walk along beautiful Makorori Beach on the east coast of scenic New Zealand after work, where she worked as a registered nurse at the small local private hospital in Gisborne. Her medium length auburn hair blowing in the cold wind. Well then, Maria was a kind and very compassionate person, who cared deeply for her fellow person, although she was a very practical and rather 'down-to-earth New Zealander' (a 'fooze' as her 'airey-fairey' mother-in-law sometimes called her to her dismay). All she craved out of life was some stability for her family, to tend to a garden and see it blossom over time; but that simple wish appeared to be an impossible dream.

Maria loved walking and getting away from the turmoil of a steadily deteriorating relationship. Yet she was a great mother and wife, deeply committed in every way to the well-being of her family; so these long walks along stunning Makorori offered her a calm sanctuary from the upheavals in her life. And in this respite there was no one else walking on the long expanse of sand, under a grey and cloudy July sky. It was mid-winter and she felt despair at life (as she had for some time), wondering what would happen to the couple and their beloved children. What did the future have in store for them. After all that had happened to them as a family in the preceding decade or more, a fresh start had beckoned in beautiful tranquil haven that is New Zealand. That new beginning was a glimmer of light in a deep ocean of despair. Yet now feeling so alone, it seemed that only darkness lay ahead and she felt an emptiness a heaviness in her heart, in the very depths of her being...an ever so deep sadness in the recesses of her soul.

'And at the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
and know the place for the first time.'

- TS Eliot, 'Four Quarters'
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