Men's Best Sex Secrets

Top Ten Sex Secrets for a Better Sex Life

Author: TJ Givens
Pages: 48
Language: English
Publication date: 27/12/2019
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The absolute best sex secrets for men.
These sex secrets will make you a better lover and make sex more enjoyable than you ever thought possible.
Your partner will be amazed at your lovemaking abilities and techniques.

There is no such thing as a free lunch and there is nothing in this world that does not require a little work. Reading these secrets IS work. Applying knowledge IS work. So be ready to at least do what is required to improve your techniques. I assure you, your rewards will be tremendous.

After years of working with attractive women, I realized I knew a lot about them. I’m not just talking about knowing them, as in their differences from men. I mean, knowing about them sexually. Knowing what they desire, appreciate, and react to on a sexual level and what they think about sex. What do they like in a sexual encounter and what do they not like? I learned most of this information through conversations with them

It was not an immediate revelation that I knew all this. It was cumulative. I found out that I knew a lot about women and sex, so I decided to write it down. I realized that not only do I know a lot; I realized I sometimes know more... than the women themselves.

Now, that may be hard to believe, and I am continuously amazed by this fact, but as you read and apply, you will soon discover… I am right.
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