Messianic Jewishness of the OT and the NT Christian Bible

Author: Cheng Leng
Pages: 100
Series: Messianic Jewishness of the Old Testament and the New Testament Christian Bible (vol. 1)
Language: English
Publication date: 08/07/2019
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Promised of Eternal Life to all who receives the LORD JESUS CHRIST as Savior
Have you ever wondered how each book in the Bible tells the divine love story of GOD?
Messianic Jewishness of the Old Testament and the New Testament Christian Bible
explain how His message flows from beginning to end and how you can be
included in GOD’S divine plan in the midst of a darkening world.
GOD loves and cares for you. Get it to find out more.
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About the Author
I am a single female Malaysian Chinese. I came from non-Christian family background, though my late mother was raised by her Methodist parents in Sitiawan, Perak, Malaysia. I am the last of ten children, two of whom died before I was even born. I was educated in the Roman Catholic kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.
I repented of my sin and was saved in the Adonai Yeshua (Lord Jesus), the Messiah (Savior), through the Rev. Ronnie Kong’s Audio-Video Literature Evangelism Ministry in Selangor, Malaysia, where I worked in the casino for ten years and resigned. Following this, I responded to the Lord’s Call through evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, during the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International Conference held in Singapore.
Then I went straight to pursue a Certificate of Theology at the Malaysia Bible Seminary (MBS); during that time, I worked for twelve years in the Health Records Department at the Medical Centre at Subang Jaya, Malaysia. However, by the divine intervention of the Lord, I resigned and went on to pursue a Diploma of Christian Ministry in the Malaysia Theological Seminary (STM) and to earn a Bachelor of Theology at the Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS). Then I worked on a Master of Education (Educational Psychology) degree and graduated at the Asia e University (AeU) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Now, it is my passionate ambition to write from the Old Testament/Covenant (Tanakh/Tanach) and the New Testament/Covenant (B’rit Hadashah) as a theological education ministry to all Christians everywhere who want to enrich their lives with the divine wisdom, knowledge, love, and grace of GOD’S HOLY WORD in the ADONAI YESHUA (LORD JESUS), the MESSIAH (SAVIOR), who will reign and rule here on earth to the highest heavens over all dominion and throughout all eternity upon His Second Coming (Eschatology).
I hope you will be blessed with this Old and New Testament

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