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Often our daily life is accompanied by extrasensory insights and visions. Our existence is accompanied by episodes of telepathy or other sensations of the soul. These phenomena are not uncommon and affect everyone. Some scholars, with a more open min read more ...
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Are you a believer? READ THIS SHORT MESSAGE FROM BEYOND !!! (Still you breath.) Wake up to the ancient truth, a secret world into this 'reality'. Unique. Supernatural. From the dead Prize USA Sellers 2012 and Eb International Award 2013 receiver. I read more ...
8.41 €
Records from a schizophrenic experience. Thoughts and beliefs expressed in words, that clouded a free mind in Psychosis. This piece of work enables the reader to see, in bits, what form of madness, people attach to their beliefs on the term Schizophr read more ...
10.00 €
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