Mr. Robert's Interlinear French Reader, Volume Three

Author: Robert Reis
Pages: 115
Language: English
Publication date: 29/05/2014
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An interlinear approach to mastering French vocabulary
Method of Study.

The student, by the aid of the Interlinear literal-and-free translation and the notes and is expected to make himself master of the sense of each lesson, so thoroughly as to be able, not only to render the French, word for word, into English sentences, but also, when examined without the book, to give the English for each French word, and again the French for each English word, unassisted by the connection of the narrative.

The length of the lesson will be proportioned to the capacity of the learner; but, as a general rule, it may be proper to assign not more than ten lines for a lesson at first.

After the first fable has been mastered by slow and easy steps, each lesson may be made to embrace a whole fable.

When the learner has accomplished the study of the thirty - one Fables the author earnestly recommends that he turn back to the commencement, and again go over the ground with more care.

The thorough study of the genius and distinctive peculiarities of the French language may be prodigiously facilitated by the re-translation of the English of each lesson into the original French by the following method: Let the student at the time when he learns his lesson, make a fair copy of the English translation, in a ruled copybook, taking care to leave each alternate line blank, and to write the words further apart than usual. The brackets, the small figures before, and the hyphens between, the words, are to be omitted ; and words in italic are to be written in the same character as the rest.

Then, some two or three days afterwards, and not using the book, he should write in the copybook, under each English word, the corresponding French word.

The student’s goal is to produce, as nearly as he can, a facsimile of the lesson as he has studied it in the Interlinear Reader.

“This exercise should be practiced with each lesson throughout the book; and cannot fail, as its least advantage, of enforcing on the scholar the absolute necessity of studying his lesson so as to master it thoroughly, and of frustrating the maneuver by which the possessors of a retentive memory oftentimes endeavor to escape the requisite mental labor. It will be obvious to every one, that, by this process, the student will learn, merely by practice, to spell French accurately ; and that by omitting in the fair copy the signs, and afterwards, when he writes-in the French, inserting them properly, he is, as it were, imperceptibly but certainly introduced to a familiar knowledge of the genius, idiomatic peculiarities and order of arrangement of words, of the French language, contrasted, at the same time, in the most pointed manner, with his own.”

By completing all three volumes, the student will not only be perfectly competent to enter on the reading of French authors, but will be prepared with a valuable store of words and phrases for French composition.
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I have taught English as a foreign language in the USA, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, France, and Spain.

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