Dead Before Morning

A Rafferty & Llewellyn mystery novel

Author: Geraldine Evans
Pages: 223
Language: English
Publication date: 06/02/2011
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Debut in my currently fourteen strong Rafferty & Llewellyn mysterry (a
Detective Inspector Joseph Rafferty is investigating his first murder since his promotion. What a shame the victim is a girl with no name, found in a place she had no business being – a private psychiatric hospital. With everyone denying knowing anything about the victim, Rafferty has his work cut out, so he could do without his Ma setting him another little problem: that of getting his cousin ‘Jailhouse Jack’ out of the cells. Although he has no shortage of suspects, proof is not so plentiful. It is only when he remembers his forgotten promise to get his cousin out of the cells that Rafferty gets the first glimmer that leads to the solution to the case.
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Geraldine Evans is a British mystery author. She has two mystery series: Rafferty and Llewellyn and Casey and Catt. Originally published by Macmillan, her latest crime novels are available from Severn House.

Under the name Geraldine Hartnett, her historical novel, Reluctant Queren, about English king, Henry VIII's little sister, Mary Rose Tudor, was published in 2004.

Her debut novel was a romance, Land of Dreams, set in the Canadian Arctic, perhaps an unlikely location for a romantic novel!

Originally a Londoner, she now lives, with her husband George, in Norfolk England.


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