Don't Disturb a Sleeping Dog

Clever Crimes Also Get Detected and Punished.

Author: R. Jonnavittula
Pages: 229
Language: English
Publication date: 01/07/2015
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Anger leads to revenge which leads to crime and to eventual destruction.
The first impulse of anger is revenge which leads to crime. However cleverly crimes are committed, they eventually get detected and punished, even after the person relinquished crime.

Arohga was an unassuming teacher who looked like a simpleton. He was lured by Raknas who was a black-listed business man of Suris; he carried on business making Arohga a nominal CEO of their company. When he took an independent decision, he was blamed and abused; it angered him and he assumed the charge of the company. He secured the tender for constructing the dam across river Saras, won the friendship of Ivar the king of Suris and of other heads of countries. When Suris adopted democratic form of government, Arohga helped Ivar to become president and expected to be rewarded with prime minister’s position. Ivar’s relatives, Uhar and Tuek talked Ivar out of it and he appointed Uhar as Prime minister and Tuek as Finance minister. Arohga was enraged. He kept his cool, won the confidence of the trio and made them voluntarily walk into the traps in the shape of land fertilization scheme and gold mining scheme, Arohga prepared for them, without leaving his trace.

Arohga carried a lot of government money and went to Wazit. One evening, a daily wage earner Limar, mistook him for her husband Mirak whom he resembled closely and forced him to follow her to their home. They spent the night together. Taking advantage of his resemblance to Mirak, Arohga faked his death by causing Mirak to kill himself in a road accident. Arohga escaped to Droh taking the name of Mirak.

A rich widow Yoram, who did not want her property to pass on to her brother Hesnag, married Arohga. He came to know that she had a problem with excessive intake of food. He arranged for a reconciliation between the brother and sister. Arohga arranged for a feast on his fake birthday. Yoram and Hesnag were very happy to come together and Hesnag fed her with excess of tasty dishes because he was unaware of her problem. She could not withstand the food and it was too late for the doctor’s help.

Arohga offered to bring Limar to Droh and to marry her; she accepted. Arohga encouraged her to educate herself; she became a graduate. He remained a good loving husband. He bought a robotics lab and eventually made baby robots which could smile, laugh or cry. A demonstration was arranged.

Nomis was a CID officer of Suris who did not believe that Arohga died. With the permission of the government, he began to chase Arohga’s trail and finally was able to locate him at the demonstration. They met in Arohga’s office. He disclosed everything to Nomis who tried to record it secretly. That office was equipped to prevent electronic recording of sound or picture within that office!

Limar happened to hear Arohga describe how he caused the death of Mirak. She contacted Nomis and obtained all information he knew about Arohga. He guessed that Limar met Nomis. Arohga supplemented her with other details of his version of his life and the kind of life he had been leading after marrying her. He left the choice of punishing him or pardoning him entirely to her discretion.

After careful thought she concluded that
1. He was not guilty of committing any crime directly,
2. The purpose of punishment was reforming the individual; when the individual reformed himself and was living a pious life, there was no longer any need to punish him.

Nomis persevered, gathered further proof and confronted Arohga and Limar and almost convinced her. When Arohga found all escape routes closed, he committed suicide right in their presence, to escape arrest and humiliation.
El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de esta entrada.
Ramakanth Jonnavittula is a double Ph.D. in Mathematics and in Business Management and a Fellow of the Andhra Pradesh Akademy of Sciences. He is now retired after an active career as Professor of Mathematics at various universities in India, in USA and in Canada. He currently lives in Downers Grove near Chicago.

He was interested in literature from his college days and published stories and plays in reputed Telugu magazines. His drama Kalachakram was staged at the All India Andhra Nataka Kala Parishattu competitions at Tanuku in 1960 and was awarded four prizes, including the second prize for the script.

Visaladhra Publications published a book of his 16 short stories named Kathaguchcham in 1995. He won the second prize for the story Kanuvippu in 2008 at the competitions conducted by the American Telugu Association. He has obtained the author’s permission and translated Arthur Miller’s drama The Price into Telugu.

In addition to his extensive works in Telugu, he is the author of many books in English.
The first Editions of the books,
Stories from Andhra,
1972-A saga of change,
A paradox of life;
were published as EBooks by KDP. ‘1972-A saga of change’ was also published as an Audio Book by ACX.

Second Editions of the following books were published in print and EBook formats by TATE.
Stories from Andhra,
!972-A saga of change,
A paradox of life.
Tate also published, both in print and EBook format, his book ‘Indian stories’.
He wrote “A girl’s quest for self-realization.” a translation into English of the famous Telugu novel Terachiraju by Viswanadha Satyanarayana. He also prepared an abridged version of his translation.

His following books are now ready and are in the process of publication.
1. Change Your Destiny. (Published by Xinxii)
2. Don’t disturb a sleeping dog. (Published by Xinxii)
3. Life is a paradox. . (Published by Xinxii)
4. War accelerated liberalization. (Published by Xinxii)
5. A girl’s quest for self-realization. (Published by Xinxii)
6. A girl’s quest for self-realization (Abridged).
7. Scintillating stories- Book 1. (Published by Xinxii)
8. Scintillating stories- Book 2. . (Published by Xinxii)
9. Scintillating stories- Book 3. Published by Xinxii)
10. Scintillating stories for ADULTS. Published by Xinxii)

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