Down Among the Dead Men

A Rafferty and Llewellyn mystery novel

Author: Geraldine Evans
Pages: 225
Language: English
Publication date: 06/02/2011
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Rafferty wonders whether the latest murder is the work of a copycat.
When beautiful Barbara Longman is found dead in a meadow, witrh uprooted wild flowers strewn about her and, in her hand, a single marigold, Inspector Joe Rafferty at first believes the murder may be the work of the serial killer over the county border in Suffolk. But then he meets the victim’s family – and, after liaising with the Suffolk CID, he rapidly comes to believe that the killing is the work of a copycat… one much closer to home, someone among the descendants of the long-dead wealthy family patriarch, Maximillian Shore. Everyone, it seems, had a motive: Henry the grieving widower; the victim’s brother-in-law, Charles Shore, the ruthless tycoon; Henry’s first wife, the Bohemian Anne, who has lost the custody of Maxie, her teenage son, to the saintly Barbara. Even the long-dead patriarch, Maximillian Shore, seems, to Rafferty, to have some involvement in the murder, though how, or why, Rafferty doesn’t understand until he finally grasps the truth behind the reasons for the killing. A truth sad and dreadful and which had been evident from the start, if only he had had the eyes to see.
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Geraldine Evans is a British mystery author. She has two mystery series: Rafferty and Llewellyn and Casey and Catt. Originally published by Macmillan, her latest crime novels are available from Severn House.

Under the name Geraldine Hartnett, her historical novel, Reluctant Queren, about English king, Henry VIII's little sister, Mary Rose Tudor, was published in 2004.

Her debut novel was a romance, Land of Dreams, set in the Canadian Arctic, perhaps an unlikely location for a romantic novel!

Originally a Londoner, she now lives, with her husband George, in Norfolk England.


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