Murder in the Puszta

A murder mystery party game for 8 players

Author: Uli Nater
Pages: 70
Language: English
Publication date: 17/03/2013
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There's a murderer in the Hungarian countryside inn - one of your fellow guests!
Situated on the edge of the Puszta National Park and about a mile from the nearest village, the Riders Inn is the perfect spot for tourists to experience traditional Hungarian customs and culture. Uncle Pisti and Auntie Marika always give their guests a hearty welcome. Their passionate son Bálint helps with the horses, and flirtatious Kati with the cooking and cleaning.

The guests come from all walks of life: there's Klaus from Germany with his feeble jokes, whereas his wife Christine doesn't seem to have any sense of humour at all. Expat English teachers Esther and David have come from the capital Budapest to take a rest from their stressful jobs. In her search for a story, journalist Jane is spending the weekend at the inn too.

But even she gets more than she's bargained for when – just as the goulash is bubbling gently in the cauldron – a murder is discovered. And the murderer is in their midst...


How do murder mystery games work?

A murder mystery party game is a type of role play. Everyone acts out the part of a suspect in a murder case. At least one player is the murderer and is lying through their teeth in order to mislead the others! To add to the confusion, everybody involved has got their own little secrets too which they are trying to conceal. Over the course of a dinner, further clues emerge and the players cross-examine each other. Even you as the host don't know who killed the victim and can play a part too. Will you and your guests have guessed by the end of the evening who the culprit was...?

Perhaps you have taken part in a murder mystery party before. This murder mystery game differs from the usual boxed versions in one respect – the players won't get a character booklet at the beginning of the party which would gradually reveal new information. Instead they are given advance character information to read through before the party. 'Murder in the Puszta' is based on real life insomuch as everybody already knows at the beginning of the evening everything they did and saw before.

However, there is no need to learn anything by heart since during the game players can always look up details. But they mustn't show their background information to any of the other players at any point.

For an additional element of fun, role descriptions include costume suggestions. Of course you and your guests can vary these according to your taste or the contents of your wardrobe – or ignore them completely!


Also available in German as 'Mord in der Puszta'.


Number of players: 8
Suggested ages: 16 and up
Playing time: 3-4 hours


This murder mystery game is licensed for private use only.

Note: The zip folder contains pdf files.
You will need to print out the role descriptions and clues.
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Uli Nater's criminal mind sees dead bodies wherever she goes. When she lived in Hungary, she plotted "Murder in the Puszta". Upon moving to Munich, she single-handedly resolved the hitherto unexplained death of Ludwig II of Bavaria (the historical "Swan King" who built Neuschwanstein Castle). The Scottish Highlands served as a backdrop for a third murder mystery game, which she devised for classroom use for learners of English. It remains to be seen which location will next be graced with one of her bloated, stabbed or strangled corpses...

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