Author: NL RINKU
Pages: 18
Language: English
ISBN: 9783962467968
Publication date: 01/06/2018
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The story is about a poor tribal girl and her life against odd and worse politic
Near to highest mountains and green golden crops Jhumpa is the one girl among Kakiri Majhi family. As a poor girl she never sees any city and luxurious people. She dreams to choose a good life among her tribal people. But when things change, terror spread through her village and political system makes a bad impact over her life she does loss her father and mother, even to her best friend Phagoni. So can she struggle alone in the biggest world? Can she survive to the next level to get back to her original life??
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Hi, this is NL. Rinku, a science fiction and fantasy author who likes to imagine new worlds and galaxies. You can also call me a dreamer, I do not against. With a lot of curiosity and happiness that I live to a new life. I always change myself. My lifestyle is very different and my thoughts. I have delicious rice-water villages learning to urban life Pizza and KFC chicken. I saw beautiful mountains, green gold wheat fields and ponds of the highest villages and subway skyline cities, including the terrorist areas and jungles of the country. I have heard stories of my royal spirit and villagers, real events and counterfeiting. I enjoyed thousands of village festivals in 22 years. I visited different cultures and religions, although it is not grace in the eyes of society.
Now he comes to science and fiction. I hope that I will let you visit new worlds through my deep imagination. You want to meet new things here. She would like to speak their language. Certainly, you will learn to create things you never dreamed before. My friends, we will change the world. We will see a mechanical universe.
And yes, they will be very interesting for everyone. Thank you

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