The County Seat Killer - book 3

Amazing Gracie Mystery Series

Author: Fay Risner
Pages: 195
Language: English
Publication date: 01/12/2007
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A historical mystery-Gracie is jailed and stalked by a killer.
The Moser Rest Home For Women residents received a summon to appear in court and testify against the killer of the lady of the evening neighbor that lived across the street from them. Molly Lang thinks she should make this like a shopping trip and show the women a good time during this stressful ordeal. They take a train from Locked Rock, Iowa to the county seat and check into the hotel. The town is bustling with extra people because of the trial. It's a rare occasion to have a woman on trial and if found guilty she will be sentenced to be hung for murder. Gracie Evans finds herself wishing she was back in Locked Rock where she'd feel safe when a man stalks her with the intention of killing he before she can testify at the trial. Once Gracie takes the stand she refuses to give the judge a list of men on the lady of the evening's client list. The judge charges her with contempt of court and has her jailed until she changes her mind. Gracie hadn't thought she would ever be a jail bird but she decided it was much safer in jail then out on the street with the stalker after her.
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Hello! I'm Fay Risner and I go by booksbyfay when I post. I've enjoyed writing about the life of Nurse Hal while she struggles to understand Amish life. My books are made to give you a look into the Amish community and offer some humor along with the serious moments. Along with these books, I write a historical mystery series set in Iowa and westerns. Also, I have two books about Alzheimer's disease. I worked for many years in a local nursing home and helped my mother care for my father which gave me insight to what caregivers deal with. Switching genres when an idea comes to me gives me flexibility as a writer. Though I love to write, my husband and I live on an acreage with sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits and cats and enjoy raising a large garden and flowers. For fun past times, we go fishing in the summer and read a lot in the winter.

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