Noõs Mag, 16

Winter Solstice Paradise

Pages: 50
Language: English
ISBN: 9783966331791
Publication date: 10/10/2019
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Seasonal Decor, Winter Solstice Celebration, Ancient Cosmic Traditions, Metaphysical Points of View
...As a seed is being planted from the heavens above, born from a far away place, each seed comes with a gift to share and bloom into its very potential to the fullest. As we were planted in the ‘dirt’ (more densificated layers), we may not remember want we came for, what is my task, who am I, what is my mission? As we grow though are growth spurts pushing up towards and through the dirt, we reach the sun at last... (Spiritual Form of Cosmic Consciousness)...Through the time growing, we may have snow storms hit us, wind blows us down, bugs or disease eat us, we may be thrusting for water, we start to learn what it means to go through harsh times, to stand in those roots to survive, to be strong. Those very things tore us apart and put our very spirit down, and at the same time it may leave a scar along with it. As those scars can be deep sometimes, down to the very roots. At times we may get sunshine, a small breeze comes by, rain comes by when we are thirsty, and we feel grateful for the small things and the big things.
It brings healing and warmth to our very heart, to soften and heal those scars away. And as we grow into a full grown tree, we wish more and more to spread our leaves, to know the sweetness of life. Our roots ( ancient ancestors) want to transmit their ‘nourishing juices’ into the core of our essence, our branches (spiritual connections) support us with the tasty ‘food’ (information) for our soul, our trunk (spiritual family) holds us as One in Unity Consciousness, our Crown of leaves ( good life skills) is able to nourish with oxygen (life force energy) the entire planet, her atmosphere...
Becoming a Tree (its ‘holographic projection’), we are able to heal and rejuvenate ourselves and many other people around us. Plants and Trees are such a Mysterious Form of Consciousness, @Noosphere Publishing

Open Online University
@ Noosphere Healing Arts International
who possess Really ‘Sacramental Secrets’ of Mother Nature...
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