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A book that explains the step by step drawing of the letters A-Z is easy to follow by the kids and very fun. As a medium for interaction between parent and child. A highly recommended book for children who want to learn to draw read more ...
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Vol. 3
The best horror is the kind that stick with you... make you uncomfortable.... cause you to stare into the dark at night and wonder about the thing watching you. Prepare yourself for the best in horror in these next three stories. 3 stories and 111 read more ...
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A collection of artistic techniques
PDF VERSION: A collection of different mediums and artistic techniques from drawing to painting, to digital enhancements and even sprayart! Learn some tricks of the trade enhancing your works to digital, as well as for emerging artists in sprayart p read more ...
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Relaxing Mandala Drawings to Honor Mothers and Babies
Relax and Rejuvenate from Stress Quickly with Pregnancy Coloring Pages This book is a resource that can help you to relax and de-stress from the day to day circumstances you face. Art activities like coloring help guide your focus away from these read more ...
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Paintings that I have been doing since my baptism
I think paintings are my best way to share with the world ,this album is about love and lost , seeking for freedom and true love . My grandfather is a famous chinese painter who dedicated his whole life in chinese painting , somehow in life , I found read more ...
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From painter of ideas to sculptor of the human body
essay (from the catalogue) on Schneider's Weimar period where he held a professorship at the local art school from 1904-1908; during these years he turned from an early symbolistic position to a still decorative but more neoclassical one; he had to f read more ...
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Slightly off the beaten track
Sascha Schneider (1870-1927) was one of the more dazzling figures in the history of German art and culture, his monumental symbolist paintings evoking the zeitgeist at the turn of the nineteenth century. He is known primarely for his book covers he d read more ...
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SHROUDS is an abstract graphic novel that suggests a narrative that it cannot quite divulge, each page being a scene or a portal into a whole that clears only to fade. If Henry Michaux had been haunted by faces and creatures that were themselves haun read more ...
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Drawing techniques for children, how to draw animals and how to color them, there are some pictures of animals that can be learned, ranging from tame animals and wild animals. read more ...
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Sketchbooks are an outstanding feature in more than a few exhibitions: they have a downright prominent place in showcases, above them monitors where all sheets can be seen on touch screens – a visual pleasure and an exciting event. Unfortunately, how read more ...
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