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A brief cultural anthropology of beauty and harmony
The traditional indigenous Navajo Indian concept of HOZHO, translating freely as the cultural quest for beauty and harmony, has been rediscovered and popularized in our era of eco-biological crises. The world drifts hither and thither, fluctuating cyclically between beauty and ugliness, while the same bright sun keeps shining above it. Yet the universal ideology of beauty and harmony is no monopoly of any culture, for the light of the spirit and sense of beauty and harmony is latent in man and can guide him in a spirit of love, compassion and righteousness. Some more ancient cultures in particular, however, prioritize the sustainable values of beauty and harmony more highly than others. And across cultures and civilisations the way of expressing these values differs. When the light of beauty is dimming and its spirit waning darkness sets in. In this bilingual study inspiring contributions are made to the topic from various eastern and western cultural perspectives.
Beauty and harmony are by no means limited to the world of high-gloss fashion magazines, nor to the catwalks and the walks of fame of the global world. When life can express itself naturally in accordance with its own laws, healthy and harmonious situations, relations and environments ensue. This is valid across all human domains, such as the personal, the interpersonal, sociocultural, economic, political, moral and spiritual arenas. When energy flow is thus unimpeded life expresses the incomparable beauty and harmony of its own. If it is corrupted on the other hand ugliness and disharmony result inevitably. So, beauty and harmony are actually the natural state. And this is pure grace! Grace of the Creator who designed a beautiful and harmonious creation with man as its roof and crown. The concepts of beauty and harmony should be viewed and understood from the source of life and creation, from where a verily sustainable future world may emerge. May it begin here and now with every reader in particular.
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