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Comparative Thinking

Author: Igor Malanchuk
Pages: 28
Language: English
Publication date: 11/06/2011
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Comparative Thinking concept
Comparative Thinking is the hot new book just released by Igor Malanchuk – are you sure you have an understanding of comparative thinking? This book and its illusion of balance may be the very reason you change your perspective...
Three rules apply to every situation equally, just as the law of gravity rules everything that has mass... [the book explains the rules in detail]

Suppose “balance” is our greatest and most desirable illusion,

Suppose “the idea of balance” is one’s reaction to the constant change in our world,

…and even you and I or any person, place, thing or idea [in its extreme] eventually will turn into its opposite.
- but perhaps, you’re not quite sure why this occurs -
AT LAST - a book that FINALLY addresses:
Inspired by actual real-life applications, situations, and a deep self-understanding of how the illusion of balance works!!
Part Business Application! Part Personal Life Situations!
Completely applicable in understanding how to influence outcomes!!!
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As the cold war was raging between the USSR and NATO, Igor, then but a young adult, surveyed the world around him and wondered: If aliens came and saw all this, what would they think of humanity? How could he explain the world around him? What did God think of all this? What was evil all about? Did any of it really matter? Questions like these plagued Igor and forced him into a deeper place always searching for answers.

In 1991, Igor got a chance to come to the US from Russia. He did not speak the language but knew he was to be there. He worked as a handy man, a gardener, a restaurant manager and account executive while learning the language and received his BA in 1997. He went on to received a MA in Intercultural Management in 2001. In addition, Igor studied martial arts, journalism, drama, engineering and financing. His questions still haunted him and pushed him further to uncover answers.

Igor tried and learned many things in life: from learning astrology to believing in destiny, from working for security to being in jail, from learning arts to wishing for silence and, after all, from dreaming for things to being disappointed when it happens. It is a life of extremes where bad appears as good and good happens to be just as bad. So many differences appeared to be too similar.

This was the revelation he had been looking for: What if differences and similarities are two sides of the same coin? Does it mean that life and death, too. Are only two sides of something that is beyond brain’s ability to comprehend it? Do imagination and fear make a foundation for beliefs while narrow views and pleasure build confidence?

If differences don’t exist without similarities, everything in this world is connected. Therefore, anyone’s pleasures or pains are connected to everyone else.

This revelation and the series of life events that followed are why Igor decided to share his observation with others. He immediately recognized the power this information had to help people and, consequently him too. Comparative thinking is a tool to recognize the essence behind any form, so we can see why and how we are connected, in order to consciously change it or let it be as is.

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