Axiology: Theory of Ethics

Poetry and Prose

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Publication date: 24/08/2013
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Ethics and values as human determinants
Axiology, the theory of ethics, needs to be considered praxologically, behaviourally. Beginning with the Fortune 500 corporate scandals and the following global financial crisis ethics has resurfaced, as it did and does in all civilizations past and present. It is the perennial struggle of man, a major theme and challenge to the human species in all societies. Ethics, that inbuilt sense of what is moral conduct and not, whether formulated ex post as a Kantian imperative or in the array of religions or culture-contingent ethical systems, is certainly conditioned culturally, but within the cultural ethical socialization – even in the most collectivist cultures - there is this universal theme that is man’s tremendous freedom and margin of choice as to his individual conduct. All codes of law, all the major religious systems, ideologies, most artistic production, indeed, the sum total of human creativity and artifacts are more or less centered around ethical decision making or involve such decision-making. ...
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Dozent/Intercultural Management Trainer mit interdisziplinärem quatrikulturellem Bildungshintergrund, insbesondere London, Cambridge, Paris I und IV - Sorbonne, Madrid, Stuttgart
in den Bereichen internationale Politik, Wirtschaft (Europa). Management (interkulturelles) und BWL, Angewandte Fremdsprachen u. Literatur...

Die Erlangung und Erhaltung ganzheitlicher Gesundheit und der Erwerb interkultureller Kompetenz bilden zwei hochaktuelle, praxisrelevante Schwerpunkte meiner Publikationen. Auch im Seminarformat möglich

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