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A new epistemology: awareness, consciousness and language
Epochal pressures like the global migration challenge and the climate crisis will compel the world and in particular national leaders and governments, IOs and NGOs, along with humanity at large, to progressively adopt hitherto unconventional vistas, optics or perspectives in the interest of human survival and sustainability of policies, decisions and processes in all spheres of life, in an awareness of interconnectedness of all phenomena on the planet and in the wider biosphere… What seems to emerge is an enhanced perceptual paradigm derived from leading-edge physics, namely from the quantum paradigm, that can account for and represent the wider consciousness required for the management of hitherto unfamiliar realities. The metaphor quantum consciousness - more specifically complementarity and uncertainty principles of Bohr and Heisenberg respectively - seems to be apt to be used as a higher-level holistic description of phenomena with their shades, shadows and light and their continua with many possible stances, perceptual positions and options:
Values continua of intercultural management can be subsumed as quantum cultural phenomena. The specific and the diffuse or holistic perception can be conceptualized quantum culturally. So can the local and the global along with the continuum that interconnects the two poles. The same applies to the cultural and the universal etc.
The metaphorical quantum paradigm enables us to consciously expand perceptual horizons and to use a new and more powerful quantum language for the perception of holistic phenomena that can trigger equally holistic and therefore sustainable actions, decisions and processes in all spheres of life. Quantum awareness provides a new adapted consciousness and language for the large-scale interrelated human challenges of our time. Global climate and global migration and survival challenges require this quasi imperative paradigm shift: The quantum perceptual consciousness paradigm shift.

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Dozent mit Interdisziplinärem quatrikulturellem Bildungshintergrund, insbesondere London, Cambridge, Paris I und IV - Sorbonne, Madrid, Stuttgart
in den Bereichen internationale Politik, Wirtschaft (Europa). Management (interkulturelles) und BWL, Angewandte Fremdsprachen u. Literatur.

Die Erlangung und Erhaltung ganzheitlicher Gesundheit und der Erwerb interkultureller Kompetenz sind Schwerpunkte meiner Publikationen

Seitai-Gesundheitsseminare und interkulturelles Management Trainiing sind Teil meines Angebotsportefolios

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