The biggest secret

Author: David Icke
Pages: 542
Language: English
Publication date: 01/02/1999
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biggest secret
There is an enormous amount of challenging information in
this book. Please do not continue if you are dependent on
your present belief system, or if you feel you cannot cope
emotionally with what is really happening in this world.
If you do choose to continue, remember there is nothing to
fear. Life is forever and everything is just an experience on
the road to enlightenment. Viewed from the highest level of
perception, there is no good and evil, only consciousness
making choices to experience all there is to experience.
The astonishing events which this book exposes are in the
process of coming to an end as the light of freedom dawns
at last on the biggest transformation of consciousness this
planet has seen in 26,000 years. It is, despite some of the
information you are about to read, a wonderful time to be
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