Planetory Aspects

Vedic Astrology

Author: Saket Shah
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Language: English
Publication date: 17/08/2021
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In Vedic Astrology harmonious and inharmonious aspects among the planets depend upon their natural significations and their basic characters.
In Vedic Astrology harmonious and inharmonious aspects among the planets depend upon their natural significations and their basic characters. Planets of contrary characteristics usually display inharmony when in aspect. However the lordships of planets have a great say in moulding the planets considerably, when in aspect. This change in nature and characteristics is particularly noticeable during their Dasas and Bhuktis. Thus we see that in Vedic Astrology the results of aspects of planets depend upon their natural characteristics and lordships.

In Western Astrology, it is'the angle between the planets that decides harmonious or inharmonious aspects. The planets at 90 or 120° apart are supposed to be in harmony or create a harmonious aspect, tend to enhance each other's good significations, modify and retard the bad significations. If the angle is 90° or 180° or placed in 6th/ 8th to each other, then they are said to be in inharmonious aspects. They tend to irritate and block each other's significations. They give bad results for the houses they are posited in and for the houses ruled by them.

We propose to discuss here the harmonious and inharmonious aspects between the sets of two planets in a general sense. These aspects are pliable for various horoscopes according to lordships and natural characteristics of planets involved and other aspects to these planets.
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I am practicing astrology from many decades. With my experience knowledge and wisdom I have written many books. I believe in providing best knowledge to all the people across globe. I have seen thousands of horoscope in my life and experienced many events of astrology in past few decades. I welcome each person to enhance their knowledge of astrology by joining me in this divine journey. I am a software engineer and investor by profession and I took astrology as a hobby. But this hobby became my passion when I started decoding the secrets of universe hidden in astrology or jyotish vidya. Our ancient seer possesed divine third eye to decode the universe and written down the astrology in form of scripture I am presenting this divine knowledge in front of entire world. I recommend every body to make the best out of my books. I welcome each person in the world to dip in the ocean of divine and cosmic energy of universe called jyotish. It is also called as light of God. Because knowledge of astrology is directly provided by God to humans in ancient times. The kind of bliss you will feel in this journey will evolve your soul to next stage of spiritualism. This journey will blow your mind and senses and will connect your soul to divine. I definitely believe you will feel bliss with this gyan(knowledge) .

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