A Cultural Glance at German Lands

Ein kultureller Blick auf Deutschland

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Publication date: 30/01/2013
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Looking at Germany from cultural and intercultural perspectives
Germany, the country we are living in here, is particularly interesting, because it lies at the very heart of Europe, the continent where modern civilization took off. As the heart, core and centrepiece of Europe it had and has to integrate geopolitical and cultural cross-currents of Anglo-Nordic, Transatlantic, Latin, Viking and Slavic origin. Today it has a special challenge of integrating, in addition to the European expansion, a major Muslim community, although it shares this challenge with the major EU partners. The assumed 'labyrinthine' German mind, so termed by N. Holden, and referring to its complexity may be due to its historical fragmentation and these numerous cross-currents it was exposed to and which it had to integrate as a country of the middle.
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