The Transition to a Global World Order

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Publication date: 16/10/2013
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The ermergence of a 21st century global world order
The biggest organism usually begins as a single cell if it can develop healthily, once it is fertilized by the appropriate biological information. Similarly existing human and material resources need the fertilization by human spiritual and organizational genius that has proven its effectiveness, so as to viabilize most complex endeavours such as space exploration and conquest and the management of vast countries and gigantic projects from the micro to the macro scales of existence. Therefore the creative impulse and spirit and its framing in an effective mission statement or world constitution/Government seem to be critical factors in view of triggering a natural process of growth and development of the idea whose time might after all have come and whose urgency is visible everywhere, rather than imposing a central logic that challenges regional and local resistance and claims of autonomy, in spite of the imperative of the age as the only way to meet its challenges.
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