Potty Training Made Easy

A Step by Step Guide on How to Toilet Train Your Child Fast

Author: Jessica Smith
Pages: 125
Language: English
Publication date: 14/04/2021
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Potty training is one issue that has given several parents a tough time, yet if you do a quick search online, there is no end to claims that you can get your little one potty trained in a couple of days or less.
So how exactly are you supposed to potty train your child?

That is a question that might be running through your mind, and it is a good one. The fact is that there are many methods to potty training and the one that will work for you depends largely on your child.
It is easy to assume that a parent just automatically knows how to toilet train a child. But, it does not work that away. As a parent, it is important to learn how to do things properly. Of course, there are those who just intuitively know how to go about the potty training business and some children who just automatically start using the toilet by themselves. However, these are the exception and you probably do not know very many people like that. In fact, you probably don’t know anyone like that.
What most people do is learn about the different methods of potty training and then pick the one that suits their child’s temperament and personality. What works for one child might not work for his sister. So understanding your child is imperative for successful toilet training.
What does not work though, is shaming and mocking your child whenever accidents happen. This can have far-reaching negative effects on your child.
The psychologist, Erikson believed that potty training was one of the eight important stages in the psychosocial development of a person. In particular, that toilet training was the most important stage between the ages 1 and 2. He believed that it was an event that led to self-confidence and self-control in a child, breeding greater freedom and the ability to do things on their own.
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