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The distinctive characteristic of the many expressions of authentic love is its beauty, whether it is enshrined in a sublime painting, in a master peace of poetry or some other genre or format. read more ...
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As the memory of the great wars fades into oblivion, the danger of new major conflicts appears on the horizon of human destiny. It is high time to make the issue of peace a top item on all relevant human agendas in order to avert this realistic possi read more ...
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Pandangan Islam Terhadap Bunuh Diri & Eutanashia
Pandangan Syariah Islam Terhadap Bunuh Diri Dan Eutanashia, bersumberkan dari Kitab Suci Al-Quran & Al-Hadist. Suicide and Euthanasia from Islamic Perspective Based from The Holy Quran & Prophet Al-Hadith In Indonesia Languange. Dalam berbagai read more ...
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Adoption wie fühlt man
22 years ago in Brazil, you gave us life but with the thought of giving us away. You didn't even see our face when we were born You didn't want to see us again and just went away. What prompted you to do this? What was the cause for that read more ...
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A Reviview of Theory, Research and Practice
This book harnesses the collective wisdom of African Psychiatry and therefore serves as a departure point for ongoing efforts to refine practice in accordance with the best practice and local needs. There are a number of chapters dedicated to a ra read more ...
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