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Nature possesses infinite wisdom and resilience that has enabled it to survive for eons. This research attempts to transpose quantum principles, albeit metaphorically, to the level and domain of human relationships management, interpersonally, interculturally… to existential survival challenges that characterize our epoch. Unless the exponential growth of critical survival factors like demographic growth and resources consumption and depletion can be managed appropriately in our limited world, planetary and human survival may be compromised. Biomimetic human relations research draws on the wisdom and the resilience of nature to reach the major global development target of the time, in the interest of man’s survival on his planet earth. Man’s challenge consists above all in learning to work with nature and not against it. In order to do so, one has to understand nature and more specifically the laws of nature. Some quantum principles which frame and formulate critical laws of nature in relationship to man can transpose the wisdom of nature to the human domain, where it can reproduce wisdom, resilience and sustainability in turn. This is a hypothesis that requires sensitive consideration of the specificity and particularity of human nature within nature at large; intelligent and purposeful adaptation and use in a very singular human context. First of all it is necessary to enable and to apply latent human awareness and perception capabilities.

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Quatrikultureller Bildungshintergrund; Schwerpunkte: Angewandte Fremdsprachen, europäische Wirtschaft, internationale Politik (Sorbonne), interkulturelles Management (Cambridge) BWL (Univ. Paris, Madrid, London, Cambridge u. vor Ort)
Universitäts-Lehrbeauftragter für Interkulturelles Management und interkulturelle Kompetenzentwicklung
Interkulturelle Seminare buchbar

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