Living the Purpose Inspired Life

How to use Your Personal Identity to Design your Future

Pages: 79
Language: English
ISBN: 9783962467630
Publication date: 01/09/2018
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Each day, is a day to encounter your destiny with purpose, and Living the Purpose Inspired life is a powerful, groundbreaking and inspiring book that offers a better way of discovering the purpose of living. While giving significance to the personality, choices, and the events of life. Defining and exploring the human identity and showing how to live a life driven by purpose, while embracing your imperfections.
Daily we are faced with a deluge of images, impressions, and messages from the social media telling us who we are, what we should do, and how we should live. And this book teaches you how to sidestep and live in the essentials. The greatest philosophers have pondered the same question of identity and purpose. Now it has been shown to have a concrete impact on living healthy lives. Recent studies into heart disease and psychological distress, are shedding new light on how and why having an ultimate purpose in life can be beneficial to the quality of our lives.
That is where this book takes off featuring in its pages:
• How to find and define the true purpose of life with a personal growth mindset
• Showing how to design and live the purpose driven life with satisfaction.
• With guidelines for utilizing your potentials consistent with your passion and abilities
• How to derive your unique leadership skill.
• Harnessing the dynamics of information, communication, in the building of a purposeful relationship, while exploring the incredible connection between identity and purposeful living.
And, enables you to understand the present, your past to shape your future with the concept drawn from creation, philosophy, literature, psychology, genetics, and a robustly well-designed strategy for ultimate fulfillment.
Living the Purpose Inspired Life is a tactical, insightful, practical and inspirational, essential reading for everyone, so, don’t wait without taking action. Don’t ignore your true potential, which is just a few pages away. You can design your life. Your time is NOW!
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