How to Conquer Stress and Nervous Tension

Author: Craig Lock
Pages: 50
Language: English
Publication date: 23/02/2011
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This is a very PERSONAL manuscript. These are my brief notes I took whilst in a deep, deep valley about fifteen years ago and they’ve sat on my old computer since then. I’ve included them just as I wrote them (with no editing) and have used the symbol “d” for depression. So please excuse the layout. I haven’t looked at this manuscript for many years (too traumatic a time for me)…and anyway been very busy on all my other books Just recently I’ve been posting all my writings over the years with Amazon, so thought I’d include anyway (with no editing), because I thought my notes and experiences at that time may be helpful to others in a deep pit of life.
Doing it this way (with digital publishing) at a click of a mouse will save many trees and so keep the 'greenies' very happy. I’ll keep “working on this labour of love” and adding articles to this manuscript…or perhaps publish with Amazon as a series of books

Since I took these notes from this manuscript, my life has changed drastically…for the better, thank goodness!

If through sharing, this e-book makes some difference in one person’s life, then I’m very pleased. I hope that you may find these writings helpful

Enjoy and be happy

“Total non-techno and impulsive” craig

If I could get out the deep valley with my problems, then ANYONE can!

Craig (August 2011)

“Only when a person’s been in the deepest valley, can one know what it’s like to stand on the highest peak.”
- Richard Nixon



* Depressive illnesses are serious, but treatable disorders.
* Depressive illnesses are more than temporary 'blue moods', or periods of grief after a loss.
* Without treatment, symptoms can last for months, years or even a lifetime. The good news is that d is easily treated with medication and short term therapy, that is effective in more than 80% of the cases.A simple, direct and compassionate book. If you think there's even a possibility you or someone else you love may be depressed, please read this book (or at least glance at the symptoms on pg 22). More than 15 million Americans are depressed; however most don't even know it.
* Many people with d don't 'feel depressed'. One can suffer from d and not feel sad, blue, or emotionally down.
* d is an illness affecting the body, mind and emotions. It is not a character flaw, personal weakness, or evidence of a lack of discipline.
* Untreated, d is the no 1 cause of alcoholism, drug abuse and many other addictions.
* d is an underlying cause of overeating, chronic fatigue, insomnia, headaches, bulimia, digestive problems, aches and pains, and other physical disorders.
* d inhibits the functioning of the immune system; so increasing the incidence of illness and shortening life.
* Modern antidepressant medications are not tranquilizers, pep pills or addictive; they do not make one 'high'.
* Some people think they're depressed, because they have difficult relationships. Perhaps they have difficult relationships, because they are depressed.
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