On Asperger’s Syndrome

The Final solution to the Left Brain vs. Right Brain Mystery

Author: Anand Madhu
Pages: 20
Language: English
Publication date: 01/02/2016
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hyper-Norepi “Aspergian” aka Aspergian Autist, hyper-dopamine Kannerian Autists
There are 2 types of brains.
This thesis explores hyper-Norepi “Aspergian” aka Aspergian Autist and hyper-dopamine Kannerian Autist psychotypes in humans and animals.

Cooijmans summarizes Asperger's definition of what was later called Asperger's syndrome: 'It is a narrowing of one's relation to the world outside. It is a disturbance of instinct; an impairment of the ability to relate to or interact with the world in the direct, concrete, instinctive manner inborn to the majority of humans. [In Aspergians] Information is processed in the abstract and logical ways of the intellect, rather than instinctively and concretely. Communication is intellect-driven, rather than through the direct instinctive channels that bypass intellect. Many more symptoms result from or accompany the disturbance”.
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Took me many years to understand, I\'ll reveal all things to you...

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