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A National Taiheki & intercultural research based English culture & character pr
Unabridged Short Description:
A National Taiheki and Intercultural Research Based English Culture and Character Profile

National Taiheki based and intercultural research based information are two complementary paths towards highly useful personal and cultural self-awareness and self-knowledge in the global, multicultural era. They are the prerequisite for greater awareness and better knowledge of others and more satisfactory interpersonal and intercultural relations, privately as well as professionally, resultiing in enhanced quality of life.

Study In English, with a short interview in German with Nobel Prize Laureate of Economics (Game Theory) Prof. Dr. John F. Nash, Princeton University, Princeton N.J., USA

Specification of the Taiheki part:
The national taiheki based English character and unconscious profile covers the following categories dealt with in the exposé:
Identification of the British National Taiheki Type; Unconscious movement category; Pivotal lumbar vertebra/implications on mental infrastructure; Organic polarization of vital energy/implications; Important psychological factors, Sensitivity to…; Culturally dominant themes; Behavioural determinant; Characteristic features; Ways of easing solar plexus, Health; Thought, feeling and action; Social/Economic orientation; Language use and communication behaviour; International implications; Understanding Taiheki - a complete science of whole man.

Additonally, complementary intercultural research data for Great Britain are presented, for both paths of knowledge, the statistical research and the observation based have their respective strengths
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Dozent/Intercultural Management Trainer mit interdisziplinärem quatrikulturellem Bildungshintergrund, insbesondere London, Cambridge, Paris I und IV - Sorbonne, Madrid, Stuttgart
in den Bereichen internationale Politik, Wirtschaft (Europa). Management (interkulturelles) und BWL, Angewandte Fremdsprachen u. Literatur...

Die Erlangung und Erhaltung ganzheitlicher Gesundheit und der Erwerb interkultureller Kompetenz bilden zwei hochaktuelle, praxisrelevante Schwerpunkte meiner Publikationen. Auch im Seminarformat möglich

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