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Pages: 225
Language: English
Publication date: 13/02/2020
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A treasure chest of precious intercultural resources
Culture is among the most frequently used terms of our age. As values it differentiates friends and foes in the field of geopolitics and international relations. In the global business world it attempts to identify and to adantageously use what is hidden Information on human cultural behaviour. As cultural DNA it holds the key to the core of the human psyche in general. In our global age of omnipresent human diversity cultural intellignce has therefore become a have-to-for for all actors in the global arena, indeed for everybody on the planet. This is the century of culture! - its greatest challenge, its greatest risk, and its greatest resource alike!
Unfortunately culture research is lagging behind the needs of our age. It has started around the advent of the digital age, which allowed intercultural pioneers like Geert Hofstede, Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner, to name but a few culture scholars of the age, to use digital age statistical methods for the conceptualization of culture. Their work is not part of my own research. The latter is presented in this treatise which explores hitherto unexplored cultural territory. My own studies show that beyond the statistical aspect of culture which yields simplistic numeric Information on human individual and social cultural predispositons, there are a number of additional conceptualizations of culture that can be considered complemenetary culture paradigms which respond to specific needs of our era. Also various non-western cultures and civilisations have made valuable contribuitons to this vital field of research.
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Universitätsdozent und interkultureller (Management) Trainer mit interdisziplinärem quatrikulturellem Spitzenuniversitäten-Bildungshintergrund und umfangreicher internationaler Erfahrung, insbesondere den herausragenden Universitäten der Sorbonne - Paris I und Paris IV, sowie Cambridge, London, Madrid, (Stuttgart) - Amerika und Asien -
in den Bereichen internationale Politik, Wirtschaft (Europaspezialist). Management (interkulturelles) und BWL, Angewandte Fremdsprachen u. Literatur...

Die Förderung ganzheitlicher menschlicher geist-körperlicher Integrität und der Erwerb innovativer forschungsbasierter Management- und Kommunikationskompetenz bilden zwei hochaktuelle, praxisrelevante Schwerpunkte meiner Publikationen, deren Inhalte auch im Management-Seminarformat ortsunabhängig angeboten werden können.

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